Turn Necessity into Profit.

Welcome to Mikey Mash.  If your company or organization is involved in sales, trade shows or teen development, Mikey Mash can help you reach your goals.  We offer a unique and effective approach for creating behavioral change, personal development and increased sales performance through qualified education and understanding.  This includes:

Overview of What We Can Do:

  • Development of selling skills within your sales staff through education and understanding of the process.
  • Development of specific skills related to trade show prospecting, sales and sales activities; plus booth design, layout, and location.
  • Developing self-respecting, honorable, and productive, results-driven young men and women.
  • As an outsider bridge the wide gap of appreciation between ownership, management and the sales staff.


At Mikey Mash, we take the necessities of an everyday, business sales staff and convert them into an educated, fine-tuned sales machine.  Through education and understanding your sales staff will be capable of implementing and delivering sustainable performance and greater profitability no matter the sales environment.

Trade Shows

Every year, companies large and small spend billions of dollars on the necessary evil; “Trade Shows.”  Mikey Mash educates businesses and their sales staffs on how to turn “Trade Shows” into an endless stream of business and profits for the upcoming year.  If you’re going to invest and participate in them, learn how to be an effective winner.

Teen Development

As our teens today desperately struggle for respect and understanding, Mikey Mash uses the same principals and skills as he does with corporations to develop self-respecting and motivated young men and women that become contributing members of society. Experience this unique approach in person and see the impact it can make.

Testimonial of Performance and Reliability

I met Mikey Mash in 2003 as a District Sales Manager for Fender Musical Instruments. In a few years I watched Mikey take a small one store chain and grow it into a three store, multi-million dollar enterprise.  I have been privy to numerous sales training sessions that Mikey has conducted; there is no eat what you kill or close, close, close in his message but rather one of partnership, trust and empowerment.  He operates with skill and understanding of the buyers thought process. The best close is the one you don’t have to ask for and the art of the sale is in qualification and partnership.


Cole Eunson

DM Yamaha Corp of America

Pro Music Division

I first met Mikey at Merrill Lynch twenty years ago in the steel city of Pittsburgh. We worked nights, weekends, and throughout the 60 hour weeks, Mike worked his tail off to meet the goals and training disciplines asked of him. He is a true competitor. When we started the training it became quickly apparent that he had a unique understanding of prospecting and the sales process; so much so that we asked him to teach his methods and philosophies to our financial advisor’s in training. Mikey’s passion for sales and sharing his work with others is undeniable. Twenty years later he is still going strong and adapting to the ever changing business climate. Mike is so honest and transparent in his work that I once described him as “Honest to a fault.”


Stanley K. Evans, CRPC®

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor
Registered Investment Advisor

“I recently worked with Mikey on the 2016 Presidential Primaries, his ease in speaking with voters not favoring our candidate and his ability to persuade them to reconsider their position or even change was a WOW.   Mikey is calm, cool and professional yet very exciting. I am confident that Mikey can delivery unique and effective methods to your staff in any setting.  I am excited to have Mikey’s continued support on our continued Presidential Campaign.”


Gerri Daniel

National Political Field Campaign Coordinator  

I have known Mikey for many years.

Although a hard-nosed, no nonsense guy; the passion and effort Mikey puts into every man and women he works with is truly remarkable and exhausting.

One could only work so ferociously, day in day out because they honestly want to see others do better.

Mikey can help your staff succeed where others have fallen short.


James Saviano

Regional Director

Quest Marketing

Twenty five years ago I had just graduated from college and was working at a bodybuilding gym with no idea what to do with my life when I met Mikey.
Mikey was well established in the auto industry, a sales consultant to many dealers and was very successful. Mike was always telling me “Duane, you would do fantastic in sales.”   After building a great relationship with Mikey through the gym, he took me to lunch and suggested I take my life in a new direction and get involved in automobile sales.  
I had no intentions of becoming a “CAR SALESMAN;” however I felt like I should trust and listen to him.

Mikey took me to one of his dealerships, told the owner to hire me and that he would take personal responsibility for my success. The dealer hired me.

Mikey was right, with hard work and patience I have become GM & OM of one of the largest and most profitable Dealer Groups in Pennsylvania.

He was right, the Automotive Industry and sales was perfect for me.
I will always be thankful for Mikey’s help and advice.

If your sales staff is missing out on the opportunities for greatness; whether it is knowledge and understanding of sales, personal development, ambition or motivation; Mikey can and will make the difference in your organization.


Duane Guthrie

GM/OM North Hills Toyota, Scion

Former GM, Wright Automotive Group

“There are many sales educators in the world today.  Mikey stands out as an individual who breaks his material down for all to understand and implement, regardless of skill level.  The chances of success are elevated because his interest extends past the initial training and through the implementation process. The material is expressed through real life examples that help keep the client engaged while learning new and innovative proven techniques. My colleagues and I are a truly grateful for his help in establishing our company as one of the best independent musical equipment stores in the nation.  We will definitely use Mikey Mash in the future!”


Zachery McCombs


Impact Sound

“Working with Mikey, he possessed a unique set of sales standards and methods, his ability to teach these methods to his clients sales staff created incredible sales through and reorder.” “I believe he can do the same for any organization.”




Kevin Westover

National Manager

Explorer Van Corporation 

After working with Mike on several projects over the last decade involving individuals and teams in various industries, I have tremendous respect for his ability to teach people how to be successful.  His unique style of training and mentoring is a much needed breath of fresh air in the training space.  His no-nonsense approach to identifying areas for improvement and then teaching participants how to rely on the desire to win while they lose is empowering.  If you are looking for someone to deliver the honest truth about what’s holding you or your team back and for a trainer who won’t accept anything less than your best, you would be wise in hiring Mike as a change agent for your organization.


Pat Colson

Peak Performance Coach – Motivational Speaker

President of Colson Development, LLC

President of Athletic Republic – Concord

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